Signs from our loved ones in heaven

Signs from our loved ones are often subtle. And more than anything they are meant to convey love and that our loved ones are near.

Many of you have seen hearts in the clouds or in a puddle or in the form of rocks and shells like these. Hearts speak love, and each of these hearts is precious in its own way.

I stumbled across the heart rock while exploring the botanical gardens in Arizona. Thoughts of my dad flowed through my mind as we wandered. Arizona was a winter home for my parents until my mom passed away in 2003, and my dad continued to go there (soon joined by his second wife) in the winter months. I mention this because Arizona has always made me think of my parents, and more-so in recent years of my dad. So when I looked down and my eyes went right to this rock, I immediately felt my dad’s love.

The tiny heart shell was an extra special find. My mom loved the beach and I have many fond memories of building sand castles with her and of time spent walking by the ocean (many of these in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico). The other day my husband and I were walking on a beach, along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. I wasn’t looking for shells…I just glanced down and found this gem sitting amongst thousands of others. I immediately felt my mom’s love.

I do believe that if you keep your heart and mind open, you will also receive these heartfelt signs of love.

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