Happy Father’s Day!

What might be different this Father’s Day? Sure, we’ll celebrate the dads in our lives – our fathers, fathers-in-law, husbands, brothers, brothers-in-law, grandfathers, sons who are fathers, friends who are fathers. There might be pampering, breakfast in bed, playing together, special time together and a present or two. But many of us will be embracing something truly precious, a discovery that’s been made over these past few months when our world was paused. 

During the various Stay-Home experiences, one of the many changes was that more dads were home. As they worked from home, they immersed more in family life than ever before. Dads gained new perspective, Moms may have felt a little more seen and understood, and children received the beautiful opportunity of getting to spend more time with their fathers. While this infused Dad-Child relationships with new life, it also recharged and reshaped the family itself. 

We missed out and slowed down. We were forced to shed the layers of “extras” in our lives – busyness, abundance of activities, superfluous shopping and running here and there. But what we got was so much better. What was revealed in this simplifying was the priceless gift of recognizing what really matters in life. It is available to all of us: Family. Home. Faith. 

Looking for the lesson in challenges is rarely easy. But it is immensely rewarding, and helps us grow. Lots of growing has been underway, and much more is sure to come. 

But this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate what is hopefully a lasting shift in our priorities and how we cherish our families and homes. Let us recognize the value of dads in all of this, and treasure all that they pour of their hearts and souls into their families. Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

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