A College Mom’s Greatest Gift, Spring Break Variety

I was always that mom who couldn’t wait for the long breaks from school. It started when my oldest was in kindergarten and continues to this day. 

Christmas and Summer breaks meant long stretches with my babies, a chance for time to slow down, and the gift of taking each day as it came. We fully embraced each one. We had our share of pajama days, playing in the playroom, baking, adventures in the snow, picnics, beach outings and more.

These breaks were – and are – the closest thing to a pause button for life that I’ve ever found. 

Now that both of my children are in college, that pause button is an even more valuable commodity. Moms and Dads of college kids – you know what I’m talking about. If we were aware of the passing years before – and I sure was – that awareness is now heightened. Just look how quickly most of a year of college has come and gone! I know it didn’t seem that way back in September when we were adjusting to missing them. 

But here we are. 

Breaks have evolved for us over the years, with “little kid” activities being replaced by “bigger kid” versions. More time with friends, and maybe jobs. It is only realistic to acknowledge that there might be a short period of adjustment as we all get used to being a family under one roof again.

Any adjusting is a small price to pay for the gift we Moms (and Dads) are about to receive. 

The pause button. 

Immersing in the completeness and joyful feeling of having our college kids home. Simple traditions like morning coffee runs, lounging in pajamas, watching Food Network specials, baking, walks around the neighborhood or along the lake and more take on an extra indulgent feel. Our time apart has highlighted just how precious this time together is. Not just for us parents, but for our kids, too.

My junior had another packed quarter, filled with papers, projects, tests and field experience hours spent in various school classrooms. Her break is the week after my son’s, which means that I’ll get the special treat of one-on-one time with each of my kids. We’re kicking off her break with a little Mom-Daughter getaway, followed by time at home to relax and let time slow down. 

My freshman son has had an extremely busy – fun but also stressful – first half of his second semester. I’m pretty sure he’s looking forward to this break at home almost as much as I am. We’ve already made a list of a few things we both are excited to do – including me cooking him a bunch of his favorites, watching all the episodes I’ve missed of a favorite show he got me into (that I only watch with him) and just hanging out so he can recharge and I can cherish him.

I hope you, too, are preparing to welcome home your loves for a brief respite – time for them to rest and soak in the comforts of home, and time for you to relish a little pause and just enjoy your kids.

No matter what we do with this precious week, my heart will be happy and my soul will be content because we are together, savoring the pause – the best gift this college Mom can imagine.


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