Loved ones in heaven know what we need

I’ve shared before that I used to have regular, vivid dream visits with my mom in the early years after she died. And it’s been a long time since I’ve had one…until yesterday.ย 

Hoping for signs…

I’ve been hoping for signs from my dad, and the ones I’ve received have been mostly through meaningful numbers (his birthday, his favorite number, the year he and my mom were married). So the day before yesterday, I finally decided to try talking to my parents out loud (when I was alone in the car).

I let them know how much I loved and missed them and wished we could connect in dream visits again (which would really be the first time with my dad). I also asked if they could offer some confirmation that these numbers I was seeing (when I was thinking of them and hoping they knew) were not just coincidence.

Being given what we need can be better than being given what we want.

Well yesterday, in the early morning hours, I received confirmation and the first dream visit from my mom in a long time! It was extremely real, and when I kissed her cheek I actually felt that as if it were happening in real life! I remember looking at her intently and thinking “she’s alive” and feeling just so much joy. And a moment later remembering, “wait, she’s dead…” and then connecting that this was a visit. When I woke up I came out of the dream slowly and felt waves of tingling across my back…a feeling I associate with these kinds of spiritual connections. 

While this wasn’t a dream visit with my dad, it was a precious visit with my mom, and she gave me two gifts – the gift of getting to be in her presence and the gift of confirmation that the numbers I’ve been seeing are signs being sent.

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