We’re Going on a Non-dairy Ice Cream Hunt!

Not to be confused with “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” That’s one you do with preschoolers, and the Non-dairy Ice-Cream Hunt is much more fun with older kids! Thus far the topics I’ve been writing about have been pretty heavy, or serious at least. Not sure about you, but I feel like I need to write about something lighter. Something fun. And without really trying this post shows how to share memorable moments with your college-aged children, so it’s not without deeper meaning 😉. 

After realizing that Andy’s Frozen Custard needed to be a “sometimes” treat and not an every-night occasion (Mia needs like 4 lactaids to enjoy an Andy’s concrete and I just feel kind of yucky after I eat dairy) – and watching some inspiring YouTube videos from vegans — Mia and I decided to find a non-dairy ice cream indulgence. This turned into an adventure – a delicious adventure! We knew we wanted more than a pint of non-dairy ice cream, as delicious as a bowl of Halo-Top or Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream choices might be. We were looking for those chocolate-coated bars or ice cream sandwiches. Go big or go home! Our ice-cream hunt took us to many stores – Target, Whole Foods, Jewel, Woodman’s to name a few. Not each store carried every brand and some would have a unique flavor that we hadn’t seen before. We continued this adventure over the course of more than a week, taste-testing our bounty whenever we felt the craving (usually every night around 9pm 😋). When all was said and done,  we had bought a box of EVERY kind of non-dairy ice cream bar (and a few cookie sandwiches) we could find, pictured below ⤵️

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 5.56.54 PM.png

As you can see from our collection, there are MANY choices, and we didn’t even scratch the surface of flavor options. Non-dairy ice cream can be made from any non-dairy milk base and we got a good sampling of these. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to know – we didn’t dislike any of the treats we tried. We noticed that cashew milk, which is creamy and naturally a little saltier, paired really well with the caramel in the SO Delicious Dipped Salted Caramel. And the bars made with coconut milk had a very present coconut flavor that came through. For coconut lovers this would be awesome. For us, not so much. We wanted to just taste the flavor of the ice cream. Which is why our winners were the treats made from a special non-dairy bend of pea protein and other ingredients which makes for the most creamy, ice-cream like texture and flavor you can imagine! I know it sounds weird! When I read the ingredients with Mia I was hesitant to even buy those products. But in the spirit of our adventure we went for it! And am I happy we did!! I personally would reach for any of our non-dairy winners over it’s dairy alternative. REALLY. The winners— 🥁 drum roll — both of the Magnum non-dairy ice cream bars and the Coolhaus Awesome Dessert Sandwich were our favorites by far. The cookies in the cookie sandwiches were sweet and chewy, and the ice cream inside was rich and dreamy! And because Coolhaus has 5 or 6 different flavors, two with chocolate cookies, it looks like our adventure isn’t over yet – YUM! 

This non-dairy ice cream hunt proved two things to me: 1) You don’t have to be vegan or dairy-free or lactose intolerant to really appreciate non-dairy ice cream. 2) You don’t have to be a mom of little kids to go on scavenger hunts or fun adventures! In fact, I’m enjoying my adventures with my big kids at least as much as our past adventures…but that’s a topic for another day!  

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