18 is not the end, it’s a new beginning

As we start a new week, many of you are trying to adjust to life with one (or more) of your babies living away (on a college campus, at boot camp, or maybe in a new apartment).

This, in itself, is a lot to process and get used to. It takes some time to find a new rhythm – both for your life and for the way you and your teen or young adult will remain connected. And you WILL find these new rhythms.

I know this because my youngest graduated from college this past May. He is currently living back at home as he gains some certifications and experience prior to taking the next step in his career. And his sister did the same after she graduated, and has been living in her own apartment for the past 8 months.

We found ways to connect

While they were away at college, we found ourselves texting good mornings and goodnights every day, with random conversations sometimes during the day. Sometimes we’d FaceTime, or just talk on the phone (often when they were walking home from class, grocery store or dining hall). There were occasional weekend visits (both them at home and just at campus) and school breaks which brought longer stretches with them back home.

And now, what a blessing it is to be able to share that connection and relationship continue to find a way, and to grow, even when our babies become adults. My daughter was home today and we went to a mother-daughter challah bake, ran some errands and then she had dinner with us at home before heading back to her place. Something I find really special in all this is that it doesn’t have to be something big or fancy. Finding time to spend together becomes like second nature, maybe not as easy as it was when our kids were little and with us all the time. But not that complicated, either.

As our kids near the end of high school, we (and they) might wonder what our lives are going to look like. Lots changes, yes. But the important stuff remains – love and connection and the relationship that has been forged over the years.

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