Moving, Yet Standing Still in Time

The other day we drove my son back to college for his second semester. It was just me with my son and daughter for this trip. Because he’s a sophomore, we’d taken this drive before, but this was the first time that I noticed something quite remarkable.

As my kids watched videos or got lost in their own thoughts, I was alone with my thoughts while I drove and looked out at the peaceful passing scenery – open land and farms and pretty farm houses. It had been so comforting to all be together under one roof for the past couple of months. Was it perfect? Not at all. Plenty of getting on each other’s nerves and figuring out how to mesh differing needs. But it was family. Though the many changing seasons of family-hood, the one constant is love. Love was born with each step of forming our family, and it continues to grow – and adapt – to this day.

I glanced at both of my precious children, now emerging adults. I saw them in their entirety. Each aspect of who they have been – babies who needed me 24/7, hesitant yet curious toddlers, preschoolers so full of love and creativity, children exploring their interests and discovering who they are, tweens who experienced all the growing pains of that in between stage, teens struggling and coming into their own in a powerful and beautiful way. Of course I saw the amazing humans they are now. And imagined who they are becoming.   Their goodness, huge hearts and integrity sometimes cause me to pause and wonder just how I got so blessed to be their mom. 

The remarkable thing I noticed – here I was with my children, driving, moving quickly across the highway. Yet also, here I was with my children, in this moment in time that felt like it was paused. Like it stretched on forever and we were blissfully floating in it. It’s a feeling that’s difficult to convey with words, but if you think about it and try to feel it with your soul, you will know what I mean. 

For this priceless piece of time, we were moving yet standing still. 

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