On Being in the Moment

Let’s talk about what it really means to be “in the moment.” And how the heck do we even do this when we’re spread thin and trying to do all the things that being a mom, wife, friend, etc. demand of us.

In my view, being “in the moment” simply means being present. With our attention on whatever it is we might be doing or whomever we might be spending time with. In a world where multi-tasking is valued, and distractions come at us from many directions (think our phones, social media, our to-do lists, even a beautiful day that beckons us to get outside when we are focused on something else), staying fully present can be challenging. If I’m helping my daughter build and install her new IKEA PAX system, and I’m constantly looking out the window at how sunny and blue the sky is – and wishing I could go for a walk, I’m missing out on connecting with her and enjoying THIS activity we’re doing together.

Worry is an emotion that takes us out of the moment and into the future. When we are in “what if” mode it’s so hard to enjoy much about “what is” for us right now.

So how do we balance all the things and keep ourselves (mostly) grounded in the moment? For me it takes being intentional, noticing when my thoughts stray and then shifting focus back to who I’m with or what I’m doing. What also helps is being organized. I love lists, and by planning time for tasks and even time with people, I can focus more on the present and trust that all the other stuff has its own time and place.

How do you stay grounded in the moment?

Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do if you stay in the present moment..png

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