Full Circle Moments

You guys, I’m not sure I can find words that do justice to the deep mom emotions I felt yesterday.

My husband and I got to spend an hour in our daughter’s 1st grade room.

I’d spent many hours in her 1st grade room when she was a student, but this is the first one I got to experience with her as the teacher. Today is her last day in this classroom (she has been their teacher since the first day of school, filling in for a long-term maternity leave).

There are so many extraordinary things about this:

Witnessing the tremendous impact that your baby has had and continues to have on other’s babies. This challenging group of children has transformed these past 6 months with our daughter’s guidance, creativity and most importantly…love. Watching them come into the room from a “specials” class (PE, art, music, etc) and shower her with hugs, hand her pictures they made for her and some of them crying because they don’t want her to leave. Wow! Almost takes your breath away.

When our daughter introduced us, her children lit up with interest and excitement and immediately welcomed us as part of their classroom family. Again, this reflects the community our daughter so lovingly and patiently built with them.

Watching her interact with co-teachers and several parents showed just how respected, appreciated and treasured she is. You can imagine how this fills a mom’s heart…and a dad’s heart.

Sitting in their circle, being asked what Ms. Kaplan was like when she was in 1st grade – and getting to remember, reflect and marvel at how my baby has blossomed.

Coming back to something every parent can embrace – it’s a true blessing of parenthood to arrive at this young adult season with the kind of relationship that has your young adult wanting to share the most meaningful parts of their life with you.

To be invited in is a gift I will never take lightly. As parents, we devote years, give from the depths of ourselves, love with wildly and with no limits…and in doing so, we forge connection and relationship. And we continue to cherish it every step of the way.

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