New Year’s [resolutions] Focuses

New Year’s resolutions are a double-edged sword. On one side, they help us focus on goals to better ourselves or enrich our lives. On the other, they can set us up to fall short or feel like we’re not good enough.

Resolution implies a specific “must do” which brings a sense of pressure. 

Wouldn’t it be more affirming to embrace how far we’ve come and who we are right now, and frame a few focuses to embrace in the year to come? 

focus is a more general goal that lets us improve in whatever way resonates with us along our journey. This might look like: Eat Healthier, as opposed to a resolution that is restricting, like: Lose 10 pounds

New Year’s Focuses

As we venture into a new decade, let’s focus on being the best version of ourselves that we can be. That means being gentle with ourselves. Loving ourselves. And believing that we deserve to be happy.


Here are my New Year’s Focuses for 2020:

✿ Presence

✿ Gratitude for loved ones

✿ Deeper exploration of blogging & writing

✿ Devote more time to spirituality

Because these are focuses, and not a to-do list, incorporating them in any way and on any level is a win. Because we are already good enough, there is no sense of failure. A focus can inspire us. Give us something positive to embrace. 

May you step into the New Year armed with a New Year’s Focus or two. But remember – no pressure. 

Wishing you blessings of happiness, inner peace, love and good health.

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