Soul-filling Validation

Sometimes we need to see ourselves through the heart of another. We may not realize how far we’ve come, or how meaningful an event or step was until we view it with the help of someone else’s eyes. I don’t want this post to be focused on me. I’m writing it to shine light on the beautiful angels in our lives who lift us up, wrap us in loving support and help us feel worthy, cherished. And to remind everyone, including myself, that we should take time to pause and really see ourselves, especially the light and accomplishments that we may miss or minimize. 

The inspiration for this post came from deeply touching affirmation and encouragement in a recent birthday card. Words so powerful and meaningful that they kindled deep emotion and the only thought that came to my mind for a moment was WOW. I won’t share in detail here, because the specific message is very personal, but I will share its essence. 

These precious words reflected on how I entered into what might be described as a new chapter of life – my youngest starting college last Fall. Like most moms I thought a lot about this transition, and what it meant for so many other moms, and what I was going to let it mean for me. I decided to focus on the positives, and it was at this time I launched my blog with its first public post – The Nest is Never Really Empty. This post truly captures my take on this season, and in a way set the stage for how I am living my life. 

The card conveyed a soul-filling message that included words like “grace,” “rose to the occasion,” “embraced” and “I’m proud of you.” Words that made me pause as I processed them, and began to grasp both the significance of my choices that inspired them AND how I’d impacted someone close to me. Some might be blessed, and so grateful, to hear such loving and thoughtful words from their mother, as our moms seem to have a special way of being there in moments of difficulty or triumph to remind us that we’re valued, that we can do it, that we did it, and that they love us and are proud of us. My mom was that kind of mom – and if she were still here on this earth she surely would have offered me love and reassurance just like this. What made this loving message even more stunning is that it came from my daughter. My 22 year old daughter who has grown to be one of my best friends. She will always be my daughter first, but our relationship has grown to include so much more. 

What was bestowed to me with this card is an intangible, priceless gift.  Affirmation that I had truly navigated my way from a cherished season of life we moms wish we could savor longer, to the next season – embracing it with hope, love, and faith that it would be its own kind of sweetness and adventure. And so far, it IS! And perhaps most important, the blessing of knowing I had modeled something positive for my daughter that will hopefully serve her well as she navigates the many transitions in this beautiful life. 



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