Why the Moment Matters

This is going to sound a little crazy but I have been wrapped up in being “present” since I was a little kid myself. I never really liked looking ahead, whether it was for Friday and the weekend or a family vacation. I always loved those things a lot once they were “here”, but I was always very aware of time slipping by and I didn’t like that.

 As a mom the importance of immersing in and cherishing the moment becomes even more clear. As a new mom, when you’re deep in the sometimes mundane, seemingly never-ending routine of feeding/changing/holding/sleeping, it can feel like time is barely moving. Especially if you’re feeling at all overwhelmed, sleep-deprived and lonely, like many new moms do. I know I was! But in the process of reaching out and talking with other moms – both new and experienced – I was guided in a way that changed my perspective. The message they all shared was that this stage that feels like it will go on forever actually will go by much faster than we realize, and when we look back on it, we will genuinely miss it. Even the challenges we faced along the way. I can tell you from experience that THEY WERE RIGHT! Even now with an adult and teen, I long for the days centered around holding and caring for my infants and little ones. Every moment and experience is precious and even though I focused on being as present as I could possibly be, it still slipped away too quickly. The squishy warmth of your baby snuggled in your arms, that baby smell, the look of pure love and adoration that only your baby can give you, baby giggles, baby kisses…I could go on and on. And this doesn’t stop after the baby stage. EVERY moment along the way holds something unique and dear. We never stop making them. There were picnics, feeding ducks, parks, snuggling with books at bedtime, family trips, and a zillion more. Now I’m into coffee shops, baking, working out and traveling with my 21 year old. And Superdawg outings, a favorite tv series and “life” discussions with my 18 year old.

 Life’s secret treasure is really “this moment”.  Soak it in, etch it in your mind, wrap it in your heart. Immerse in it and it automatically becomes more meaningful than if your mind was on something else. When you do this, it becomes a special gift you can open and enjoy anytime – a beloved memory.

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