Dream Visit within a dream

Have you ever realized you were having a dream visit, only to notice it from another dream and then wake up? The night before last this happened to me!

Earlier in the day of this dream visit, I baked mandel bread (a Jewish version of biscotti). My dad used to love my mandel bread, and I made it for him often. His favorite pieces were the ends as they got the most crunchy. As I baked and formed the loaves, I spoke to my dad, letting him know I was thinking of, loved and missed him, and that the ends would always be for him. 

It was a short but very lucid visit. I was with my dad, and he was looking intently at me. He told me that he missed me. And I hugged him and told him that I loved and missed him, too. Then I found myself in another dream, excited because I noticed that I’d just had a dream visit with my dad. I even commented this out loud. And then I woke up for real…and absorbed what had just happened. I thanked my dad for visiting me and tried to commit this experience to my memory (it worked!) before going back to sleep.

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