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Gifts in Each Season

I just returned from two weeks at a North Carolina beach and something reminded me of one of the things I love about living in the Midwest — Fall treats us to a glorious display of colors and God’s grandeur! 

Driving through our little town, even walking in our neighborhood, the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows compel me to pause, and just absorb the beauty. I’ve been known to pull my car over just to take it all in, not wanting to miss the world around me looking like a masterpiece painting.

And it really is a masterpiece — God’s masterpiece — that we get to freely enjoy each Autumn. The changing leaves, exploding in vivid colors before falling from the trees, are a powerful reminder that there is something beautiful in every season and that change can be both difficult and gorgeous. But if the trees never let go of their leaves, they would never see the stunning snowflakes in Winter, or revel in the fresh rebirth of green foliage in Spring. In order to get the blessing of a new hello, we must be able to first say goodbye. 

This is true of the many seasons of Motherhood, too — there is absolutely something, many things, exquisite in each season. Our babies are precious and cuddly and we are everything to them. The physical and emotional attachment consumes us, making the transition to toddlerhood bittersweet. Our toddlers captivate us with their energy, love and growing curiosity. The goodbye to this stage tugs at our hearts, but we are soon soothed by the adorable preschooler filling our days with laughter and a wondrous take on everything in the world. And so it continues, from season to season and stage to stage. 

We mamas learn about the rhythm of this welcoming in – holding on – letting go cycle early on. Understanding it, and knowing what to expect, don’t make the letting go part of the changes any easier, however. No matter how extraordinary the “what’s next” stage is, there’s always a little pang of sadness for what we’ve had to let go. We’ll carry the memories with us forever, of course, And hopefully…more often than not…we’ll find ourselves so captivated by the gifts of the new season that we immerse fully in it, in awe once again, that pang of sadness softened,  

Yes, friends, it’s true. Each season has its own glory, and its own time to shine. 


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