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What I Love About THIS (& Every) Season of Motherhood

Another mom blogger – an amazing one who is in the newer season of motherhood – recently posed a question asking other moms in this early stage to think about what they hope they remember about it. What they will carry with them in their very hearts and souls once they have moved onto another season. Thought-provoking! And it got me thinking – about so many things. We go through many seasons of motherhood, and our children grow and evolve so much that it often seems like there are even “sub seasons”. Plus it also seems like moms are either dreading letting go of one season for the next, or they cannot wait for the current one to pass so they can welcome in the next which they envision being easier, better, whatever. I’m here to tell you that, much like with the seasons of nature, EVERY season is glorious in its own way.


If I had to name the season I’m currently immersed in, I’d probably call it Grow Apart * Grow Together. “Grow Apart” because in this phase, teens are off to college and so we are apart more than we ever have been before. Parents of kids who went to overnight camp all summer may have a grasp of what this feels like, but the fact that kids come home from overnight camp for longer than the few weeks of Winter break (or even 3 months of Summer break) makes this very different. By highlighting the fact that we are apart, I am not trying to infer that we are growing apart. Nothing could be further from the truth. During this time, we are each growing in our own unique ways, thus, growing apart from (or not while in the constant presence of) each other. But this individual growth also helps us find new ways to connect and “Grow Together” in new and beautiful ways. Plus we are then able to help enrich each other’s personal growth from our new vantage points, bringing fresh perspective and experiences to the process. 

Before I jump into what I love about THIS season, I wanted to highlight why EVERY season is precious by sharing a few with some things I loved about them. 

Newborn – Although there is A LOT of adjusting required (going from a fast-paced and fun work environment to a quiet, sometimes lonely yet overwhelming home environment), I eventually loved and treasured the chance to slow down and focus in on Mia (also true with Ben but more complex with a second child) and caring for her. My mom reassured me that there would again be a time for all the other things I wanted or needed to do, but to allow myself this time to just BE in this place. Once I accepted this gift, I felt like I re-entered the nesting phase that happens at the end of pregnancy! 

Toddler – I loved feeling like I was seeing the world through my kids’ eyes during this phase! Everything was new and exciting and I loved exploring everything with this fresh set of eyes. Throwing pieces of bread to the ducks at “the duckie park” with Mia and building Legos with Ben refocused me on the beauty and magical fun of the simple things. It’s so strong in this season that we are their world – their favorite human – and that indescribable feeling that only parents know can be felt in every hug, cuddle and from-the-soul smile.

Sprouting Wings (school age) – In this season we really start sharing our little ones with the world. For me this was both a little painful and also beautiful. Painful because my heart and soul was filled from spending all my time with them, and because I knew they would encounter people and things that would be less than kind at times (as all kids do), and us moms unrealistically wish we could protect our babies from that. Beautiful because this is when they grow in amazing new ways, not just from what they’re taught, but from what they experience. I loved watching Mia and Ben light up as they overcame the discomfort of facing this new world outside home, formed friendships and began to shine their lights on their own. I loved watching them discover new talents and interests. I loved reading in bed with them every night and driving them to and from school every day. I loved hosting playdates, and taking groups of kids on fun outings (like to the bakery for an after school treat, Xtreme Trampolines, the park or the pool). We enjoyed breakfast picnics on the patio with our neighbors and it felt like time stood still for a bit. It was also during this season that I began volunteering in their schools and discovered my love of working with children (a far cry from my previous Marketing life), which continued all throughout their school years and led me to what I do today – work part time in a preschool. 

High School – Of course this season comes with its own set of challenges, and we have to navigate our relationships as our kids are edging closer to adulthood. What I loved most about this time (which just ended this past May for me) – I noticed what exceptional people I was blessed to have as my children and was immensely grateful that I genuinely loved spending time with them. I loved having long conversations with them and learning how they felt about big issues. I treasured watching Mia’s cheer practices and cheering her team on at competitions (Mia was a competitive cheerleader)…this was its own little world that she had made hers and the fact that she let me (and David) share in it brought me so much joy. I loved watching her drive and dedication to her sport and was humbled by how she pushed through. I loved watching Ben truly blossom as he discovered his love for stage crew and his talent for this tech side of theater and more importantly, leadership. More importantly, I loved seeing Ben discover what he was capable of and just what a special person he was. 

Which brings us to now.

Grow Apart * Grow Together – If you read the blog post where I talked about taking Ben to college 2 months ago, you know this season tugs at the heart. And if you are in this season then you know this all too well. But I choose to focus on what I love about this season. This season is full of new beginnings for our children, but also for us. For us with our children, us with our spouses (which is its own chapter), for us – as moms and as individuals. This is a time for us to explore some of our own interests and what fulfills us.

I am loving the relationships I have cultivated with my teen/young adult children. No matter how seemingly mundane the activity, what matters is the act of spending time together. Through this we show our kids that we value spending time with them, and in doing so we deepen the bond between us. I love coffee dates, late-night Taco Bell or frozen custard outings and watching our favorite shows together. I love Mom-daughter trips with Mia and the way family vacations have evolved to an opportunity to cherish time together as opposed to being more focused on entertaining the kids (which was also incredibly fun – don’t get me wrong!). I love that Ben and I have a couple show series that only we like and get to watch and then talk about. I love witnessing and hearing about their new friends, experiences, interests and opinions. Truly seeing the fruits of the parenting investment and then noticing their own souls radiating through as they find who they are meant to be. And you know what? It doesn’t stop here. This motherhood journey is lifelong and I know we will all find things to love and treasure about each season.




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