This is Not our New Normal

You see this phrase everywhere – new normal – referring to this twilight zone type of limbo we find ourselves caught in during this COVID19 pandemic. Social distancing, quarantines, shelter-in-place, school taking place online, work from home, businesses temporarily closed, etc. 

It’s a time of challenges, many of them unfamiliar, and so much uncertainty (when will this end, what treatments really work, will life the way we knew it resume). We’re finding new ways to face our fears, frustrations and losses – and we’re discovering new sources of hope, comfort and inspiration. 

Thankfully, everyone is working together to ideate and create new ways to do so many things. Moms who had been adjusting to empty nests have welcomed home college kids and are readjusting to (but mostly thrilled about) having everyone under one roof, and having just a little more time to cherish with them. An unexpected gift. Zoom has united students and teachers in virtual classrooms across the country. Private companies are applying their specialties to helping meet the needs of this current crisis. 

We humans are adaptable beings and this is something that’s helping us manage the limbo we’re in. 

Make no mistake, though, there’s nothing normal about what we are now experiencing, and when we are through it looking back, we will know without a doubt that it was not our new normal. It was a relatively brief, yet intense, period of time when we faced an invisible enemy in ways we never had before. We compromised, sacrificed and changed (temporarily) the ways we went about our daily lives. We essentially paused the world, and in that pause we found meaning that had been overlooked. We discovered beauty in simplicity and blessings in the slowness we had missed in our busy schedules and hurrying. 

So no, this is not our new normal. It is a limbo in which we are finding hope, determination and personal growth. It is temporary, but hopefully when we emerge we will be changed for the better, and we will shine our brighter light throughout the world. 


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