Mom’s Birthday

I never stopped celebrating your birthday. 

Of course it’s different than it used to be all those years ago. Before you and Dad started going to Arizona for the Winters, we always celebrated together. Family dinners, love-filled cards and special time together. When festivities were delayed because you were out of town on your actual birthday, there were phone calls and care packages or gifts sent. And often flowers…your favorite – yellow roses. 

This will be your 18th birthday in Heaven. And even though you’re not here physically, I always feel extra close to you on your birthday. Often in the days leading up to your birthday, I will get a dream visit from you. These are very different from ordinary dreams…it’s hard to put into words but there’s a quality to them that lets me know we’re really connecting. 

These dream visits are magical! They feel outside of time and you always radiate love and light and impart a sense of peace to me. In them you look young and healthy and vibrant, not how I last saw you here on Earth, and this fills me with comfort and gratitude. 

Every year on your birthday these past 18 years, I get yellow roses for you. It looks like they’re for me, because they sit in a vase in my house. But they are for you, and I always tell you so as I share my birthday wishes and love with you. In a way, it’s like I’m making a phone call like I did all those years when you were in Arizona for your birthday. But these phone calls are now made to you in Heaven, and they don’t require a phone. 

Of course I also always call Dad on your birthday. We celebrate you together. And we reminisce a little. 

I never stopped celebrating your birthday, and I never will. It will remain one of the most precious and sacred days for me, because it is the day that the world was gifted with you. And the day that set the stage for me to be blessed to have you as my mom.  

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