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Holding Past Preciousness While Embracing Today’s Treasures

Do I experience longing for days from long ago when my kids were babies or very little? Of course! I think most of us do. Truth is, there is so much to love from all the ages and stages and while there may be many times we want to press pause or freeze time, if we did that we might never get to experience all the awesomeness that is yet to come. 

If you asked me 20 years ago (when I was mama to a precious toddler who was my constant buddy from sun up to sun down, and sometimes after that!) if I could picture what mom life would look like 20 years later, I could never have envisioned all of its blessings and joys. That adorable toddler is 22 and she simply shines. She is the friend you can always count on, and I’m grateful beyond words we now count each other as the best of friends. Right now we are on a getaway in a lovely beach house. Morning walks along the ocean with coffees and quiet conversation. Taking time for work, and also to appreciate the beauty of this place. 

Now I have a 19 year old son who wasn’t even born back then, in that time when I’m sure I had wished to press pause many times. Yet the natural unfolding of life brought me this teen who brings immense light to my life and to this world. Deep thinking and thoughtful, as happy to hug me now as he was when he was a toddler. 

Those days with babies, toddlers and young children were fleeting and so filled with sweetness that we often wished we could pause or freeze time. But the sweetness of these days is just as breathtaking…so I’m really glad that we couldn’t. 

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