Unexpected Blessings

Sometimes things don’t work according to our plan. And most of the time that happens it’s a good thing. Even if the road gets bumpy for a bit, the destination is usually just what we needed. And the bumps usually build us up. 

Over the weekend we moved my son into his first apartment ever for his sophomore year of college. This milestone felt even bigger after his freshman year away was cut short (along with everyone else’s) and he was home with us since March. We expected to be home today, as classes begin for him. I had prepared myself for the goodbyes that were supposed to happen yesterday. And after a very full, sometimes stressful, extra blessed two days…we called an audible and gave ourselves an extra day. 

There were some glitches and things took longer than expected. That happens a lot throughout the parenting journey, and in life. We can either let frustration and stress take over, or we can pause — and breathe — and regroup. Regrouping and leaning in to the unexpected can often be a blessing. 

I’m very grateful that our plan took a detour. We got bonus time together as a family, had conversations we might not have had and deepened our connections with each other. I snapped this picture of my soon-to-be college senior daughter helping my son clean and set up his kitchen. She worked so hard and was so patient and supportive that my mama heart has been filled with gratitude and joy. Seeing my two babies as these young adults, leaning on each other, having fun together and loving each other is one of the greatest gifts. 

So these bumps in this part of the journey — they were unexpected and beautiful blessings. 💝


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