College Spring Break

My son is home for his last college spring break (well, unless he goes to graduate school, but that’s to be determined). 

Emotions are on both sides of the scale with this, as you might expect. SO excited to see him and have him home. Joyful and grateful to have a week with him. A little sadness at the nearing of the end of another chapter. And yes, as always, ready to embrace this time now, while holding space to welcome what comes next.

There’s something about the regular schedule of school breaks. They offer the possibility for reconnection (for families) and time (for students and teachers) to recharge. Whether your child is in preschool or college or any grade in between, I’m guessing you feel what I’m talking about. 

My daughter is now a teacher, and so she gets to continue with the consistency of the routine she has known for most of her life. And as her mom, I get to cherish this rhythm and the extra time it lets me spend with her. 

My son is following a different path, and this will most likely be his last college break. So I’m feeling a little sentimental, as I reflect on the many school breaks that have come before this one. And I know I’m going to try to soak in every bit of it. 

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