Mom shines through

This is a photo of my daughter holding a photo of my mom when she was about my daughter’s age. I see so much of my mom in my daughter, and this is extra meaningful to me because my mom hasn’t been here with me to share in our lives since my daughter was 5. 

Today my daughter is 26, and as I celebrate the indescribable blessing that she is to me, I know that my mom (her nana) is also celebrating from heaven. My mom has remained present in our lives and shared in the journey, just in a different way than when she was physically here. While I deeply miss her physical presence, and often long for her comfort and guidance, it does soothe my heart and soul to feel the many nuances of my mom’s presence. 

One of these many ways is how my mom often shines through my daughter. Not just in physical resemblance. But sometimes I will hear my mom’s love or wisdom in something my daughter says. Or feel my mom’s energy sparkle through my daughter’s eyes when she smiles at me. Little things like this that are precious in a way that words can’t adequately express. 

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